Why have a website dedicated to London Cab drivers?

As the son of a London taxi driver I have grown up with London cab driver stories and have always been intrigued and amused by the tales that my Dad and his brothers and other cab drivers have told me over the years, so on the 22nd November 2006 while dining with my Uncle (Taxi Driver for over 20 years) and my father (Retired Taxi Driver, still has the badge) at MEZ which is a superb Turkish restaurant (No. 54 mixed grill recommended) on the Isle of Dogs, exchanges of stories were on the menu again, my dad was reminiscing about the time when his wheel fell off his cab heading down the A414 towards Chelmsford with my mother in the back shouting that something was wrong and as usual my father ignoring her, sure enough the wheel fell off and overtook them, the wheel came to a halt by a telephone box (convenient, in the time before mobile phones) so therefore have created this website so that my Taxi driving family and the general London cabbie community can share there stories with each other, I hope you enjoy