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How to Choose the Right Golf Clubs,
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Know the level of your game. For example, if you are a beginner, you may not need to buy a full set of clubs at this point. Rather, you might consider a so called “half set” that consists of a couple of woods, a few irons and a putter. But if you are an intermediate player like the majority of golfers, you should probably focus your attention on clubs that have a large “sweet spot” because you probably mishit a few shots during any given round. Or if you are an advanced player, defined as someone with a 10 handicap or less, look for golf clubs that are technologically superior to those you are currently using.

Have your clubs custom fit. For example, you may find out that the shafts of your current set are too stiff for your golf swing or that you would play better golf with clubs that were lighter. Also, you may find that you should buy clubs with shorter shafts for better control. Touring professionals have clubs with an average length of 44 inches,
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Make sure your new clubs have the correct angle when you address the ball. Unless all your clubs lie flat at address, you will hit more errant shots. For instance,
which cards against humanity expansion is best, if the toe of a club is off the ground, a right handed player will usually miss the target to the left. But if the heel of the club is up, he or she will usually miss it to the right. If you have your new clubs custom fit, you will probably hit a few shots off a lie board, which will leave a mark on the sole of the club,
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