my crazy 1st week as a butter girl!

Well,.. first I have to say, what a fabulous, crazy, mental, exciting, and ..nervous, first week it’s been! I absolutely love it.. what a buzz it is to be a cabbie! London is the best City Ever! …I would recommend it to everyone,,, do the knowledge… it’s good for you..It’s really worth all the hard work….I have so much to say, so many incredible stories to tell.. and it’s only been one week..! I’m going to have to keep a diary… well…. here’s 1 mad story so far ..Today, I picked up 3 lovely South African Gents from Marylebone Station., they wanted to go to Fulham Road.. ok… in you get .. let’s go I said.. and off I whizzed.. as if I’d been driving a cab all my life!!..We were having a really brilliant jolly on the way, I was cracking them all up… They asked me how long I ‘d been a cabbie?.. oh, 6 days I replied! … their faces grimaced.. and they strapped their seat belts firmly around themselves! This made me laugh!! I’m an ace cabbie I replied! have faith! .. well I got them there, in quick time…the fare was £16.20… ,they gave me £20 and another £20 tip.. This has to be a record tip… surely?! Well.. the story gets better! I had dropped them off at a church, one of the men asked my name, and then got on his knees and did a prayer for me and the cab, to keep me safe etc…. and said, I was very special, and that I was going to have a brilliant career…. and bid me goodbye,…. well… what a good morning I was having… and it was only 8 am!! I have loads more stories, but I’m off to bed now, ……… if anyone’s interested, I’ll post them tomorrow…what a mad job being a cabbie is…… Cat x