Finders Keepers

So what have you found it the back of your taxi recently, what the most expensive, ludicrous, odd, or just plain weird object, post comments here by clicking on the comments button.

An interesting article published by inquirer stated that “A SURVEY OF taxi drivers showed that people are losing their mobile phones, their PDAs, their notebooks, and even their lives in the back of cabs, worldwide.

According to Pointsec, which surveyed 900 licensed cabbies in London, Sydney, Paris, Munich, Oslo, Helsinki, Stockholm, Copenhagen and Chicago, one driver turned round to find his passenger dead.

Other cabbies have found passengers’ false teeth and their artificial limbs in the back of their vehicles.

The firm claimed that Jemima Khan left her iPod and mobile phone in a black cab, but the cabbie called her friend, who turned out to be someone called Hugh Grant.

The survey claimed to show that in the last six months, drivers of London’s black cab unearthed 63,135 mobile phones, 5,838 Pocket PCs, and 4,973 notebooks.

The London survey was conducted by the Licensed Taxi Drivers Association, Taxi. But Pointsec claimed that an average of 80% of passengers were re-united with their mobiles after the cabbies tracked down their owners.”