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Virginia Delegate Proposes Arming Teachers To Prevent Shootings

RICHMOND, VA day after Gov. McDonnell said it was time to consider arming school officials, one state delegate wants to require some
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Republican Del. Bob Marshall wants teachers to be allowed to carry a concealed weapon in school. His bill would actually require some teachers to be armed.

only saying if you work in the school, and you received the training and passed the training, then you can do this on school grounds, Del. Marshall said.

Democratic State Sen. Don McEachin says arming teachers is not the answer.

arm teachers, to arm principals, who don come to the school system with that skill set, and in some cases, not even that mind set, is a flawed policy, Sen. Donald McEachin said.

Rather than arming teacher, Sen. McEachin says he supports stronger background checks
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Democratic Del. Joseph Morrissey said Wednesday he will introduce a bill
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