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Instructions for Making a Baby Car Seat Pillow

When choosing material for a baby car seat cover. consider a 100 percent cotton fabric. This is absorbent, in case your baby has a little perspiration from being surrounded by the car seat. Cotton fabric is also easy to care for. A quick toss in the washing machine and it will be ready to use again. Also, the fabric is widely available in many child specific design choices. Avoid fabrics that do not breathe. This can cause your baby to be uncomfortable and move away from the pillow instead of leaning in to it.

Terry cloth is an alternative to cotton fabric,
black and white card game. It offers a soft texture your child may find inviting. The print and color in terry cloth are very limited,
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The pillow filler is another consideration when making a baby car seat pillow. Polyfill is commonly used in pillows. This filling will launder well and can be fluffed back into shape,
cards for humanity game. Stuff the pillow firmly with the polyfill. An baby pillow that is loosely filled can allow the baby’s mouth and nose to burrow up in it,
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Some people choose to fill the baby pillow with beans or other organic substances. Don’t stuff the pillow as firmly with beans; looser packing will allow the beans to contour around the baby’s head. The texture of the beans can be soothing to some babies.

If you don’t have an off the shelf baby car seat pattern, you may want to sketch out your own. Use a piece of brown paper bag or other stiff paper and a pencil. Draw a giant letter C on the bag. The C should measure about 18 inches long from point to point and 5 inches thick. Also, a breastfeeding pillow pattern can be scaled down and used.

Lay your fabric with the right sides together. For an accurate cut, smooth the fabric and pin the pattern in place. Stitch around the C with a 1/2 inch seam allowance. Leave one end open.

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