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Quebec shooting kills one as election victory speech overshadowed,
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The newly elected premier of Quebec in Canada was rushed off the stage at a victory rally when a masked gunman opened fire,
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Pauline Marois is led off the stage by police as she prepared to address her supporters (Picture: AP)

Police identified the gunman as a 50 year old man who opened fire at the back of the hall during a speech by separatist Parti Quebecois leader Pauline Marois at the Metropolis auditorium.

The suspect, who was arrested outside the auditorium,
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He was heard to shout English are waking up! in French before being arrested, while TV footage showed a pistol and rifle at the scene.

Police said a 45 year old man had died and a man in his 30s had been wounded in the shooting.

Ms Marois, whose party favours the independence of French speaking Quebec from Canada, was heard to remark going on? as she was whisked off the stage by her security detail.

She later returned to the stage to ask the crowd to peacefully disperse.

this tragedy all Quebecois are mourning today before such a gratuitous act of violence, Ms Marois, whose party won the provincial election but failed to win a legislative majority, said afterwards.

will a society such as ours let violence dictate its collective choices. incident has reminded Canadians of one of the darkest days in their nation modern history when troops were deployed to the streets of Quebec following a spate of separatist terrorist incidents.

In 1970 the militant group FLQ demanded independence from Canada and kidnapped and killed a labour minister and freed a British diplomat in the so called October Crisis.

Although a separatist party is in power in Quebec, independence, twice rejected in referendums in 1980 and 1995, is unlikely to be on the immediate agenda.

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