Advice on taking the knowledge please(from an ex Edinburgh cabbie)

Hi guys,

I know this question has probably been asked a million+ times but I need advice from the experts.I was an Edinburgh licensed black cab driver for over 13yrs(our knowledge took me 9 months but Edinburgh is a village compared to London but it was still an intensive course and test).

I am currently living in Eastbourne,East Sussex since 2006 and have been thinking of doing the knowledge for London.Could you guys answer the following questions:

1:On average how long does it take(Ive heard 2yrs+)

2:how many hours per week of study needed to have the best chance(I am currently working full time)

3:can it be done part time

4:can some of course be done from home

5:how much time per week needed to be spent in London

6:once you pass the knowledge can you get your own taxi plate and cab(plates in Edinburgh 0ver �45000)

7:How much is it for a 6 day rental on the day shift

8:street car or radio car whats the best option,Ive always hired a radio �375 in Edinburgh(but worth it as I like to start early morning)

9:if you have your own cab can you rent it out to a night shift driver if you work days

Sorry guys if these questions seem trivial but getting your expert advice would be greatly appreciated