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Knowledge Schools | Become a cab driver

To help you learn the Knowledge there are several independent schools throughout London. They can provide teaching and support services.

All Knowledge schools are independent.
Computer Cab Knowledge School
Advantage House
Mitre Way Industrial Estate
London W10

Mob: 07958 535 136

Just Knowledge
St Clere’s Golf Club
London Road
Essex SS17 0LX

Tel: 07930 486 936

Knowledge For All
3rd Floor, Regal House
156 Lower Clapton Road
Clapton E5 0QJ

Tel: 020 8986 1470
Mob: 07859 759 369

Knowledge Point
431 Caledonian Road
London N7 9BG

Tel: 020 7700 5681 / 82 / 83
Taxi Trade Promotions

40 Footway
Avery Hill Road
London SE9 2HB

Tel: 020 8859 1579
Metrogas Club

Carib Centre
Benhill Road
London SE5 5LJ

Tel: 07932 605 422

Sector 3 Club
Footscray Rugby Club
Footscray Road
London SE3

Tel: 07921 378 309

Street Wise Taxi School
114A Vallance Road
London E1 5BW

Tel: 020 7247 8940

The Double K Knowledge School
Anstridge Hall
Anstridge Road
Eltham SE9 2LL

Tel: 020 8308 0122
Mob: 0759 5600 016

West London Knowledge School
177 Kensal Road
London W10 5BJ

Tel: 020 8968 0575

Unit 1, 42 Watts Grove
London E3 3RE

Tel: 020 7093 0909
WizAnn Publications

Yellow Badge East (sector 1)

Tel: 07963 082 390

Advice on taking the knowledge please(from an ex Edinburgh cabbie)

Hi guys,

I know this question has probably been asked a million+ times but I need advice from the experts.I was an Edinburgh licensed black cab driver for over 13yrs(our knowledge took me 9 months but Edinburgh is a village compared to London but it was still an intensive course and test).

I am currently living in Eastbourne,East Sussex since 2006 and have been thinking of doing the knowledge for London.Could you guys answer the following questions:

1:On average how long does it take(Ive heard 2yrs+)

2:how many hours per week of study needed to have the best chance(I am currently working full time)

3:can it be done part time

4:can some of course be done from home

5:how much time per week needed to be spent in London

6:once you pass the knowledge can you get your own taxi plate and cab(plates in Edinburgh 0ver �45000)

7:How much is it for a 6 day rental on the day shift

8:street car or radio car whats the best option,Ive always hired a radio �375 in Edinburgh(but worth it as I like to start early morning)

9:if you have your own cab can you rent it out to a night shift driver if you work days

Sorry guys if these questions seem trivial but getting your expert advice would be greatly appreciated